What is Tachukadi.com?

Tachukadi.com is a simple system created for the use of potential employers who wish to employ freelancers from around the world to undertake various digital services and also for freelancers to offer their services to potential employers. These digital services can range from programming, designing, marketing to any type of service which is legally allowed in respective countries. Anything which is prohibited by law in anyways is not permitted to be posted on this website and if anyone posts such requirements or fulfils it, then both parties will be banned to use of our website forever.

What fees are charged?

There are no fees involved in posting a project, but when finalizing a purchase and delivering the final requested services, upon payment a fee of just $1 or 1% commission of the proposed bid/offer is charged and cut from the payment to the freelancer. We reserve the right revue this commission figure in the year 2018. If any attempt is made to avoid this commission, we will suspend or ban account of both parties permanently.

How do I begin as an employer?

You can just create your account and click on Post Project and post your project without having to add any funds.

How it will work for me as an employer?

When you post a project, freelancers will send you offers, so you can communicate with freelancers to ensure you are fully convinced that the freelancer you choose is capable of doing what you need. When you are ready, you can simply choose a freelancer for your project. When your project is ready to deliver, you need to put money to an escrow account which will give assurance to the employer/freelancer that you will paying for the full project. Once you are satisfied the project has been completed as per your posted requirements, you can release the payment from escrow which will go into the freelancer's account less the commission.

How do i begin as a freelancer?

Register yourself as freelancer on our website, find suitable projects and start proposing to buyers by submitting your bids.

How it will work for me as a freelancer?

When you submit a bid to a project posted by a potential employer, you can communicate with them by sending private messages, and if an employer feels you can fulfil all requirements of the project and can deliver as needed, then the employer will select you for the project. You can ask the employer to put money in escrow if needed, so when you deliver project successfully, you can ask the employer to release the money in escrow, which will be credited to your Tachukadi.com account. After that you can withdraw your money. Also note that each project payment will deposit money less Tachukadi.com commission project fees which is $1 or 1%, whichever is bigger will be charged.

Is there any Official Mobile App created for the use of Tachukadi.com?

No, we have not developed any mobile apps yet.

How do I request bids for my posted project/s?

You can simply post projects and freelancers will be notified if their skills match with the skills required for the project. If you wish to further promote your project then you can choose from several of the paid promotion options when posting a project.

Can a bid be edited/changed?

Yes, if a project scope changes or specifications change, then freelancers may also change their bid.

Can a bid be retracted?

Yes, if after bidding, freelancer get busy with something else OR feel that project can not be delivered than they can retract bid.

Are there any fees to post a project?

No, there are no fees to post project, unless you choose to use paid promotion option for any projects, only then may fees apply according to promotion option chosen.